NATALIA LOVAT - Handmade silver and beaded jewellery
I have been in love with fashion, textiles and everything sparkly since I was a little girl. My Russian grandmother was an inspiration; she was always very glamorous and dressed to perfection. Her wardrobe and jewellery was a huge dressing up box full of 40's and 50's treasures. She inspired my love for fashion, crafts and all things sparkly and dressing up, as well as taught me to sew and make.
My background is art and designed based and I have degree in Knitwear design. I worked in the fashion industry as a production manager for many years. Through my work I was lucky to travel to India where I would always find the time visit the most amazing shops over flowing with silver jewellery.
My passion for jewellery took me back to college to take up a course in silver jewellery, which I am still attending and loving! I have also taken a few short courses in various methods of jewellery making.  From this new found skill and love for jewellery making, and my experience from working in fashion I set up Natalia Lovat in 2009.
 My inspiration for each piece very often comes from my vintage finds; I try not to replicate what you can find on the high street and always aim to have something special and unique on each piece of jewellery I make. Often just one bead can inspire a whole necklace.
The hardest part of making one off pieces of jewellery is I become rather attached to them! I get giddy about finding broken, forgotten about jewellery and turning it into something lovely and new.
Then of course someone snaps up the lovely new piece of jewellery and I have to wave goodbye to my treasure. But my Magpie instincts kick in and off I go hunting for more treasure to create something new!
I find is so satisfying seeing someone wearing and enjoying a piece of jewellery I have created. I always make something that I love & don’t want to part with, and then I know it’s something that my customers will also love.
I would love to hear from you. If you see something you like but would like in a different colour, or have a show stopping dress but can't find a necklace to match then please contact me.